A Word from the GM

Welcome friends! Here are some guidelines to follow as well as a few personal notes.

1) When in doubt, ask the GM.

Everyone is entitled to have fun. But every so often I have to run it through checks and balances to keep gameplay smooth. I will always be more than happy to work through any issue to find the best solution.

2) The Campaign

Our campaign will focus primarily during the ‘Rebellion Era’ right after the events of “A New Hope”. The heroes are a group of hired (or found) specialists under the supervision of an Imperial Moff who no doubt has a list of tasks needed to be accomplished with the only guarantee that there will be payment upon completion. If the heroes are caught, discovered, or otherwise lose their cover, the Moff will disavow all connections with the heroes and their lives will be forfeit.

3) Allowed Material

- Core Rulebook
- Starships of the Galaxy
- Rebellion Era Campaign Guide
- Clone Wars Campaign Guide
- Force Unleashed Campaign Guide (with approval)
- Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide (with approval)
- Scum and Villainy
- Galaxy at War
- Galaxy of Intrigue

4) Character Guidelines

For the sake of simplicity, your choice of alien race MUST be of “medium” size category.

Races not allowed:
- Ewok
- Gungan
- Mon Calamari
- Rakatan

Droid heroes ARE allowed but their final construction must be approved by the GM. Again, must be of “medium” size category.

Also, Mandalorians and former/fallen Jedi are allowed but there will be a limited number.

5) Force Users

The Moff is fully aware that one or more of the heroes are Force users. However, any operations conducted in public will have to be met with discretion. Also the eyes of the Empire are always ever watchful of potential Force users so be aware that you may be tracked/followed/hunted/etc.

6) The Wiki Itself

All entries within the Wiki will function much like the Database of many games, or “PokeDex” if you prefer. As the heroes progress through the campaign and acquire more knowledge, their shared notes will be placed here. If there is any GM or player specific knowledge, that will most likely be kept hidden (unless a player decides to share such information).

A Word from the GM

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